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Hyperion Planning Online Training Course Content

Planning Overview

  • Introduction to Hyperion Planning
  • Hyperion Planning Architecture
  • Hyperion Essbase Versions/li>
  • Hyperion Essbase Clients
  • Desktop Client
  • Planning Web Client
  • Workspace
  • Smart View

Planning Application Creation Process

  • Pre-requisites for Planning App Creation
  • Oracle Schema Creation
  • Data Source Creation
  • Planning Application Settings

Basic Terminology of Planning(Essbase Outline Terminology)

  • Data/Meta Data Explanation
  • What is Essbase Outline?

Overview of Planning Dimensions

  • Default Planning Dimensions
  • Custom Dimensions

Member Properties and Dimension Properties

  • Consolidation Properties
  • Data Storage Properties

Hierarchies Building(Manual Process)

  • Adding Dimensions
  • Adding Members
  • Defining Attribute Dimensions

Hierarchies Building(Outline Load Utility)

  • Planning Metadata Load Process
  • Loading Metadata for Attribute Dimensions
  • Automation Process of Planning Metadata Load

Planning WebForms Creation

Simple Planning WebForms
Complex Planning WebForms
FormDef Utility Usage

Planning SmartList Creation

  • SmartList Creation
  • Requirement of SmartList
  • ormDef Utility Usage

Planning Business Rules/Calc Mgr Rules Creation

  • Business Rules Creation
  • Runtime Prompts
  • Adding Business Rules to WebForms

Planning TaskList Creation

  • Task List Creation
  • Requirement of SmartList

Planning Process Management/WorkFlow

  • Planning Unit
  • Process Management

Data Load Process

  • Plan Values submission using WebForms
  • Data loading using Flat Files
  • Data loading using SQL
  • Free Form Loading

Planning Calculation Process

  • Hierarchical Calculation
  • Formulas
  • Business Rules/Calc Mgr Rules/Calc Scripts
  • Free Form Loading

Smart View

  • Shared or Common Connection
  • Independent Connection
  • Smart View Usage

Planning Security(Shared Services)

  • Introduction to Shared Services
  • Groups Creation
  • Users Creation
  • Requirement of Groups
  • Provisioning Groups
  • Dimensional Security
  • Business Rules Security
  • WebForms Security
  • TaskList Security
  • Security Provision Reports

Planning Application Migration Process

  • Migration of App from DEV to QA/PROD
  • Manual Migration Process
  • LCM Migration Process
  • Oracle Schema Migration Process

Planning Application Backup Process

  • LCM Backup
  • Oracle Schema Backup
  • Data Backup
  • Planning Artefacts Backup