Hyperion Strategic Finance

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Hyperion Strategic Finance Online Training Course Content

Hyperion Strategic Finance(Only Development)

  • Hyperion Strategic Finance
  • Hyperion Strategic Finance (Only Development)

Introduction to Strategic Finance

  • Describe the features of Strategic Finance
  • Describe the product architecture
  • Identify different tabs in Strategic Finance
  • Identify components in a Strategic Finance worksheet
  • Create a model
  • Enter summary information
  • Check out and open an entity

Customizing the Account Structure

  • Account Number Structure
  • Maintaining Subaccounts
  • Creating User-Defined Accounts
  • Identifying Where Used Accounts are Used
  • Finding Accounts
  • Account Groups
  • Copying Accounts
  • Adding Cell Text Notes

Customizing the Time Structure

  • Time Period Overview
  • Maintaining Time Periods
  • Adding Time Period Details
  • Creating Custom Time Periods
  • Adding, Moving, and Deleting Deal Periods
  • Changing Fiscal Year End For an Entity

Modeling Historical Data

  • Modeling History
  • Setting the Default Currency
  • Recalculating Scenarios
  • Suppressing Error Messages for Out-of-Balance Funds Flow Statements
  • Analyzing Calculations

Forecasting Data

  • Forecasting Data Overview
  • Creating Structured Forecasts
  • Creating Free-form Forecasts
  • Creating Free-form Formulas
  • Forecasting Interest
  • Forecasting Fixed Assets

Perform Funding Analysis

  • Historical Retained Earnings
  • Forecasted Retained Earnings
  • Default Funding Account: Excess Cash Situation
  • Default Funding Account: Cash Deficit
  • Setting Up Funding Routines
  • Setting Up Target Capital Structure Funding Routines

Performing What-If Analysis

  • About What-If Analyses
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Performing Sensitivity Analyses
  • Setting Goals
  • Crystal Ball

Performing Valuation Analysis

  • About Valuation Reports
  • Creating Shareholder Value Reports
  • Creating Dividend Discount Reports
  • Creating Economic Profit Reports
  • Selecting Other Valuation Inputs

Scheduling Debt

  • About Debt Scheduler
  • Debt-Scheduling Guidelines
  • Accessing Debt Scheduler
  • Creating Debt Schedules

Creating and Managing Consolidations

  • About Consolidations
  • Creating Server Consolidation Structures
  • Specifying Consolidation Scenarios
  • Creating Local Consolidation Structures
  • Specifying Entity Characteristics
  • Labeling Consolidations

Analyzing Mergers and Acquisitions

  • About Mergers and Acquisition Analysis
  • Modeling Methods
  • Related .02. Accounts
  • Deal Accounts
  • Inserting a Deal Period

Generating and Managing Reports

  • About Reporting Tools
  • Customizing Standard Reports
  • Creating Free-Style Reports
  • Managing Reports
  • Viewing Cell Properties
  • Printing Reports and Account Information

Managing Data

  • Exporting Reports to Excel
  • Creating Excel Import and Export Maps
  • Importing Excel Batches
  • Importing Data from Other Hyperion Applications
  • Importing Batches from Other Hyperion Applications
  • Integrating with FDM
  • Creating Strategic Finance Links
  • Translating Currencies

Managing Entities

  • About Connecting to the Server and Database
  • Opening Entities
  • Accessing Archived Entities
  • Saving and Opening Drafts of Entities
  • Entity Change Management
  • Entity Change Manager Process
  • Assumptions Change Manager
  • Assumptions Change Manager Process

Setting Up Security and Administration

  • Security and Administration
  • Setting Up Security Providers
  • Adding and Provisioning User and User Groups
  • Creating Databases
  • Assigning Access to Databases
  • Assigning Access to Entities
  • Adding Entity Groups
  • Pre-configuring Access for New Entities