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Oracle Workflow Online Training Course Content

Introduction to Oracle Workflow

  • Oracle Workflow Components
  • Workflow Engine
  • Workflow Builder
  • Directory Services
  • Notification System
  • Notification Mailer
  • Workflow definition loader
  • Workflow Monitor
  • Status Monitor
  • Workflow Manager

Oracle workflow Architecture

  • Planning a workflow process
  • Workflow Builder Components
  • Standard workflo
  • Standard Activities

Diagramming a Workflow process

  • Creating a workflow process from Topdown
  • Creating a workflow process from Bottomup
  • <Default Transition>
  • <Any> Transition
  • Display modes
  • Verifying a process definition

Defining Itemtype Attributes and Lookup Types

  • Defining ItemType Attribute
  • Attribute DataTypes
  • Defining LookupTypes and Codes

Defining Messages & Notification Actib=vities & Calling Environment

  • Defining Message Attributes
  • Timeout Notifications
  • Notification Priority

Testing & Monitoring Workflow Process

  • Activity History
  • Status Diagram

Viewing and Responding to Notifications

  • Defining Function Activities
  • Assigning Cost to Function Activity
  • Result Based Function
  • Error Handling
  • Background Engine

HTML Formatted Notifications

  • Workflow Directory Services
  • Predefined Directory Services
  • Adhoc Users & Roles
  • Loading Roles

Customizing Workflow Process

  • Access Protection
  • Access Levels
  • Setting Access Level

Workflow Loaders