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Qlikview Online Training Course Content


  • Target audience
  • What you will learn in this course
  • Course logistics
  • Notes

Qlikview environment

  • Qlikview desktop

Qlikview development methodology

  • Import/export sheet and document layouts as xml
  • Qlik wholesale trade (qwt) project plan
  • Project plan review
  • Safe methodology


  • Qlikview standalone
  • Qlikview server
  • Qlikview publisher

Introduction to data and scripting

  • Relational databases
  • Other data structures
  • Comparing database structures to qlikview data structures
  • Data structures in qlikview
  • Data source files
  • The qwt primary data source
  • The qwt secondary data files
  • Introduction to scripting

Basic script syntax

  • Syntax

Loading data from the database

  • Script generation
  • Comments in the script
  • Script debugging

Structuring the script

  • Creating tabs in the script

Basic data model and table viewer

  • The table viewer
  • The system table
  • Document properties: tables page

Basic data transformation

  • Load statement
  • Renaming a field
  • Script expressions
  • Loading an xml file
  • Renaming fields using the qualify statement
  • Key fields
  • Example predicament
  • How does this affect you?
  • Loading a field into a table multiple times
  • Using a record counter on key fields
  • Is it correct?

Adding text data

  • Employees
  • Offices
  • Script generation using the file wizard

Generating data in the qlikview script

  • Resident load
  • Using orders to determine sales person
  • Include
  • Time functions: creating a calendar
  • Getting the highest and lowest date from the orders table
  • Autogenerate tables
  • Creating variables in the script
  • The master calendar

Scripting considerations

  • Synthetic key tables
  • Circular references
  • Causes of circular references
  • Check the numbers

Qlikview data (qvd) files

  • Qvd file format
  • Use of qvd files
  • Creating qvd files
  • Manual creation of a qvd file in the script
  • Automatic creation of a qvd file in the script
  • Qvd file script functions

Reporting bugs in qlikview
additional information

  • Reference materials
  • Data types in qlikview 137

Appendix: layout basics for developers

  • User friendly design
  • Natural human behavior
  • Chart and object choices in qlikview
  • Import/export sheet and document layouts
  • Appendix: the completed script


  • Installing the course materials
  • Program versions
  • Text formats

Developer tools

  • Troubleshooting
  • The debugger

Mapping tables

  • Mapping quarters to the orders table
  • Monthyear
  • Cleaning up the table structure

Loading budget data

  • Reading cross tables

Advanced scripting

  • Condition on a field in a table
  • Aggregating data
  • Joining tables
  • Concatenation
  • Preceding load on preceding load

Advanced calculations in sheet objects

  • Set analysis
  • Dollar-sign expansion
  • Aggr function

Scripting and data modeling challenges

  • Link tables and concatenated tables
  • Calculating net change within a field
  • Functions indate, data & dateislands
  • Aggr()
  • Class()
  • Dynamic aggregation
  • Intervalmatch

Data model optimization

  • Performance tuning
  • Best practices for qlikview file optimization
  • Creating incremental loads

Data model optimization

  • Performance tuning
  • Best practices for qlikview file optimization
  • Creating incremental loads

Daily and transaction balances

  • Overview
  • Example: balances at specific dates
  • Example: balances for transactions (in/out)

Qlikview security 1

  • Access control
  • Access levels
  • Access control database
  • Inherited access restrictions
  • Hidden script
  • Adding section access
  • Access control for certain commands
  • Further access control
  • Unattended command line reload considerations
  • Access restrictions on selected field values
  • Field value limitation in section access

Advanced database connectivity

  • Custom data
  • Sap connector

Business case workshop

  • Scenario
  • Data structure


  • Target audience
  • Introduction
  • Course logistics
  • Notes

Qlikview deployment configurations

  • Company requirements
  • User requirements
  • What configuration to choose?
  • Qlikview standalone
  • Qlikview server
  • Qlikview server & publisher

Installing qlikview server

  • Components of the qlikview server installation file 13
  • Prerequisites and preparations for installation

Licenses and server types

  • License overview
  • Server
  • Client access licenses
  • Publisher
  • Local clients

Interaction of server and publisher components

  • Workflow and architecture of document management & display
  • Document levels: script, data & layout
  • Overall architecture qlikview 10, technical point of view
  • Functional overview of main components

Settings of qlikview server, the qemc

  • Settings of the qemc
  • Status
  • System
  • Users
  • Documents


  • General concept of security
  • Security in qlikview

Qlikview server collaboration

  • Sharing objects
  • How server collaboration works
  • Management of server collaboration
  • More granular control of server collaboration


  • Accesspoint does not work
  • The qlikview web server service can’t be started
  • Accesspoint displays no content
  • Details can’t be displayed in the qemc or qmc
  • The qemc or qmc don’t work at all