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Ruby Cucumber Online Training Course Content

Ruby Language Skills and Techniques

  • Running Ruby
  • Command-line Ruby
  • The Interactive Ruby (irb) console

Objects, variables, and methods

  • Basic object-orientation concepts
  • Naming conventions
  • Variable assignment
  • Local vs. instance variables
  • Life of different variables in methods
  • Method-calling semantics
  • Method arguments and return values

Classes and modules

  • Instantiating classes
  • Polymorphism in ruby
  • Mixing in modules
  • Built-in classes
  • String
  • Array
  • Hash
  • Symbol
  • Numerics

Blocks and iterators

  • Blocks vs. methods vs. lambdas
  • Collection iteration
  • Single-object iteration
  • Exceptions
  • Built-in exceptions
  • Writing your own exception classes
  • Exceptions in Rails

Introduction to Cucumber

  • Writing Features
  • Writing Scenarios
  • Writing Step Definitions
  • Putting BDD into Practice
  • Cucumber Framework in Detail
  • Reusing Steps
  • Running Tests in Different Browsers
  • Tagging Scenarios
  • Hooks in Cucumber


  • Intro to Capybara
  • Elements and semantics in Capybara
  • Xpath in Capybara
  • Finding elements
  • Actions
  • Interacting with elements on webpage
  • Function flows
  • Integration with Cucumber and Ruby

Ruby Cucumber Training Highlights

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