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Sales Cloud Online Training Course Content


  • Discover High-Level Requirements, Create a Process for Providing Analytic Solutions

Analytics Infrastructure

  • Clean Up Dashboards and Reports, Define a Dashboard and Report Architecture

Pipeline Analysis

  • Analyze Executive Requirements, Analyze Pipeline, Design an Executive Dashboard Solution, Analyze Opportunity Size with a Bucket Field, Determine Top 10 Opportunities with a Row Limit Filter

Closed Business Analysis

  • Compare Closed Business Month Over Month, Examiine Win Rates with a Connected Report

Pipeline Trend Analysis

  • Study Opportunity Trends in Stage History, Learn Historical Trending, Examine Opportunity Trends in Stage History with a Combination Chart and an Analytic Snapshot

Forecast Analysis

  • Learn The Capabilities of Collaborative Forecasts, Examine The Company’s Sales Forecast with a Custom Report Type, Examine Quota Attainment with a Connected Report, Corroborate that a Solution Meets Demand

Lead Performance Analysis

  • Examine Which Types of Leads Perform Best, Examine Campaign Revenue Generated, Monitor Lead Conversion Times

Sales Management Analysis – Activities

  • Design a Dynamic Team Dashboard, Report on Activities, Learn Activities, Examine Neglected Account with a Cross Filter

Sales Management Analysis – Opportunities

  • Key Out Bottlenecks and Stalled Opportunities, Distinguish Opportunities at Danger with a Joined Report and a Cross Filter

Sales Rep Analysis

  • Monitor Individual Pipelines, Handle Actions

Deploying Your Analytics Solution

  • Communicate Changes to Users, Improve Report Performance, Enhance User Adoption of Dashboards and Reports