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SAP BO Online Training Course Content

Introduction To SAP BO

  • OLTP vs. OLAP
  • SAP BO Basic Concepts
  • Types of OLAP
  • Data mart/Data warehouse Life cycle
  • Star/Snow/Extended Star schema design

Architectural Overview

  • Client tier components
  • Application tier components
  • Intelligence tier
  • Processing tier
  • Data tier
  • Security management
  • Information flow

Universe Design

  • Understanding Business Objects Universes
  • Creating the Course Universe
  • Building the Universe Structure
  • Creating Dimension Objects
  • Creating Measure Objects
  • Resolving Loops in a Universe
  • Resolving SQL Traps
  • Using List of Values
  • Applying Restrictions on Objects
  • Using @Functions with Objects
  • Using Hierarchies
  • Deriving Tables & Indexes
  • Working with Aggregate Awareness
  • Designing Advanced Objects
  • Creating Predefined Condition
  • LOVs & Joins
  • Securing Universes
  • Implementing Universe Life Cycle Mgmt
  • Maintaining & Optimizing Universes
  • Creating Universe from Other Data sources

Information Design Tool

  • Understanding Business Objects Universes.
  • Creating the course Universe.
  • Building the Universe Structure.
  • Creating Dimension Objects.
  • Creating Measure Objects.
  • Resolving Loops in a Universe.
  • Resolving SQL Traps.
  • Using List of Values.
  • Applying Restrictions on Objects.
  • Using @Functions with Objects
  • Using Hierarchies
  • Deriving Tables & Indexes.
  • Working with Aggregate Awareness.
  • Creating predefined conditions.
  • LOVs & Joins
  • Securing Universes.
  • Implementing Universe Life Cycle Management.
  • Create Universe using SAP BI
  • Create Universe using SAP HANA

Web Intelligence

  • Create Web Intelligence documents with Queries
  • Restrict data returned by a query
  • Design a report
  • Enhance the presentation of data in reports
  • Format a report
  • Calculate data with formulas and variables
  • Use multiple data sources
  • Analyze data
  • Manage and share Web Intelligence documents
  • Work with Advanced Query techniques
  • Work with calculation contexts
  • Create formulas with character & date string functions
  • Use “If” logic
  • Work with additional reporting techniques
  • Create hyper-links
  • Create Web Intelligence report Using SAP BI
  • Create Web Intelligence report Using SAP HANA

Crystal Reports

  • Planning a Report
  • Selecting Records
  • Formatting a Report
  • Representing Data Visually
  • Distributing Reports
  • Creating Basic Formulas
  • Organizing Data on a Report
  • Applying Section Formatting
  • Applying Conditional Reporting
  • Using the Repository
  • Using Report Templates
  • Creating Formulas
  • Building Parameterized Reports
  • Summarizing Data with Cross-Tabs
  • Using Report Sections
  • Managing Reports
  • Presenting Data Visually
  • Add hyper-links to a report

Dashboard Design Tool

  • Creating a Model
  • Adding Interactivity to a Model.
  • Creating a Connected Model
  • Connect to Crystal Reports data and create Dashboard
  • Connect to Web Intelligence report data and create Dashboard.
  • Using Query as a web service and create Dashboard.
  • Use Live Office data and create Dashboard.
  • Create Dashboard using SAP BI Bex queries.
  • Use other connectivity components and create Dashboard.


  • Enterprise interface & architecture
  • Manage Business Objects Enterprise content
  • Secure Business Objects Enterprise content
  • Secure application security
  • Schedule content
  • Publish reports
  • Identify Business Objects Enterprise architecture
  • Perform common server management tasks
  • Manage the Business Objects Enterprise servers

Desktop Intelligence

  • Introduction to desktop intelligence
  • Scope of analysis
  • Report creation
  • saving the reports in local repository
  • publishing the report
  • Report conversion (desktop) to (Webi)

Webi-Rich Client

  • Installing Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • Web Intelligence Rich Client working modes
  • Launching Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • To set user preferences in Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • Working with documents
  • Working with universes in Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • Accessing Web Intelligence from Info View
  • Working with queries in Web Intelligence Rich Client
  • Working with reports

Security Implementation

  • Creating Secured users & group
  • Creation secured connections
  • Creation of Secured objects
  • Creation of security at Table, Column &row level
  • Creation of secured restriction set and mapping to users or groups

Overview Of SAP BO 4.0 

  • Comparison of SAP BO 3.x & 4.x