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SAP BOBI Online Training Course Content

BO 4.0 Architecture

  • Architectural overview
  • Client tier components
  • Application tier components
  • Intelligence tier
  • Data tier
  • Security management
  • Information flow

Information Design Tool

  • Building the SAP Universe from BEX QUERY and NON SAP Universe from ORACLE and MS SQL SERVER.
  • Creating the Dimension Objects
  • Creating the measure objects.
  • Resolving loops in universe.
  • Resolving SQL traps.
  • Using list of values
  • Applying Restrictions on objects.
  • Using @functions with objects.
  • Using Hierarchies
  • Deriving Tables and Indexes.
  • Working with Aggregate Awareness.
  • Designing Advanced Objects
  • Creating predefined condition Lovs and Joins.
  • Securing the universe.
  • Implementing Universe
  • life cycle mgmt, maintaining and optimizing the universe, Creating Universe from other data sources.
  • SAP  BO Online Training

Web intelligence

  • Understanding the concepts of web intelligence.
  • Create web intelligence documents with queries.
  • Restricting data returned by a query
  • Design a report
  • Enhance the presentation of data in reports
  • Format report.
  • Calculate data with Formulas and variables

Use multiple data sources

  • Analyze data.
  • Manage and share web intelligence documents Use multiple data sources.
  • Analyze data.
  • Work with advanced query techniques.
  • Work with calculation context.
  • Creating formulas with character and date string functions.
  • Creating hyperlinks and additional Reporting techniques.

Crystal Report 2011:

  • history, Architecture, flow of data.
  • Different methods in report designing
  • Generating Report from Non SAP data.
  • Generating Report from SAP Data.
  • Generating report from BO Universe, repository (BVM), OLAP cube report.
  • Different sections Available in Crystal reports.
  • Using section expert.
  • Using select expert.
  • Creating list of values and cascading lovs by using BVM.
  • Using report templates.
  • Creating the formulas
  • Building the parameterized reports.
  • Summarized data with cross tab.
  • Adding hyper linking
  • Creating sub report.
  • Saving the report to Bo enterprise.
  • Exporting the Report in different formats.
  • Scheduling the crystal reports to the server.
  • Publishing the crystal reportsto the server and by using publishing Wizard.

Crystal Enterprise 4.0

  • Key Concepts
  • Getting Started
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Working with Charts
  • Working with Tables and Crosstabs
  • Selecting, Sorting, Grouping, and Summarizing Data
  • Setting up Interactive Elements
  • Working with Formulas
  • Working with Sub reports
  • Applying Formatting
  • Distributing Output

Dashboard builder

  • SAP BOBJ XCelsius overview.
  • SAP BOBJ XCelsius-Product Versions, Naming Convention.
  • SAP BOBJ-Installation & Configuration.SAP BOBJ XCelsius Architecture.
  • Dash board using chart components.
  • Dash board using container, selector, single value components, Map components, Alerts & Back Ground, Text & Web Connectivity, components, Trend icons, Calendar etc.
  • Dynamic Dashboard Design XCelsius Data Manager
  • Qaaws _Installation, Configuration Live office –installation, configuration,
  • Dashboard Using QaaWs, live office.

Administration Central management console ·

  • Understanding Business Objects Enterprise What is Business Objects Enterprise? Working in Info View
  • Working in the Central Management Console Business Objects Enterprise Architecture
  • Understanding the Business Objects Enterprise architecture Business Objects Enterprise Security Creating users, groups, and folders The Business Objects Enterprise security model
  • Categories
  • Guidelines for planning security
  • Profiles
  • Publishing
  • Scheduling
  • Folder Creation.
  • User creation.
  • Group Creation.
  • Access Level creation.
  • Mapping Access level Creation.
  • Mapping Group User.
  • Report Registration and Scheduling, calendar.
  • Publishing using publishing Wizard.
  • Migration
  • Migration concepts.
  • Import wizard concepts.
  • Understanding objects migration.
  • Understanding user and group migration.
  • Migration planning and assessment.
  • Migration with the import wizard.

Overview of CCM:

  • Central Configuration Management
  • Overview of servers in CCM OLAP Analysis
  • Getting started
  • Creating workbooks in excel
  • Planning analyzing data in excel
  • Sharing the data in excel

Business Explorer 

  • Managing Information Space
  • Exploring Data
  • Working with Exploration View Sets