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SAP CO Online Training Course Content

SAP CO Basic Concepts
CO org structure

  • SAP CO Basic Concepts
  • CO org structure

Cost center Accounting

  • Cost element accounting
  • Cost center creation, change and Display
  • Creation of Activity types, Change display.
  • Distribution and Assessment
  • Activity dependent planning and Independent Planning
  • Statistical key figures
  • Creation of allocation structure
  • Cost center splitting
  • Plan and actual activity rate calculations

Product costing

  • Cost component structure
  • Auxiliary cost component structure
  • Costing variant
  • Valuation variant
  • WIP settings
  • Settlement profile
  • Date control and transfer control
  • Costing sheet
  • Product cost by order process( Real time scenario)
  • Product cost by period process (Real time scenario)
  • Product cost by sales order process(Real time scenario)
  • Co product and By product
  • CO/PP Integration
  • CO/MM Integration
  • FI/CO Integration
  • Over view of PP Master data
  • Over view of Material master

Profitability Analysis

  • Cost objects with order view
  • Preliminary costing of cost objects
  • Simultaneous costing
  • Period-end closing with order Controlling
  • Creation of operating concern
  • Characteristics and Value fields
  • Valuation strategy
  • FI/COPA Integration
  • CO/COPA integration
  • SD/COPA Integration
  • PA transfer structure
  • Creation of Forms
  • Creation of reports through report painter
  • COPA derivation
  • Product hierarchy

Cost Center Accounting / Profit Center Accounting

  • Organizational units
  • Master data cost elements, cost centers, activity types and statistical key figures
  • Functions in Cross-mater data
  • Recording primary postings
  • Account assignment help
  • Postings Adjustment
  • Activity allocation
  • Accrual calculation
  • Periodic reposting
  • Distribution
  • Assessment
  • Reconciliation ledger
  • planning in Management Accounting Introduction
  • Cost center planning Methods
  • Integrated plan allocation cycle
  • Profit center master data
  • Profit center assignment
  • Creation profit center hierarchy
  • Creation of Profit center
  • Profit center integration with other module
  • Profit center reporting
  • Profit center month end process

Internal order

  • Creation of order types
  • Creation of internal orders
  • Creation of settlement profile
  • Creation of budget profile
  • Creation of planning profile
  • Internal order settlement

Material ledger and Costing

  • Material ledger and actual costing overview
  • Month end process

New g/l and Document splitting

  • CO month end Process
  • Real time Project
  • Project preparation
  • Blue print preparation
  • Realization
  • Final preparation
  • Cutover strategy
  • LSMW
  • Interview question
  • Resume Preparation