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SAP eCATT Online Training Course Content


  • What is ECATT (Extended Computer Aided Test Tool) ?
  • Command-based programming to create scripts while non-technical users can easily create scripts with Winshuttle Transaction.
  • SAP ECATT Basic Concepts


  • Transaction does not require developer authorizations except for current authorizations.

Shuttle file/program maintenance:

  • Transaction Shuttle files do not require users to remove or transport them from one SAP system to another.
  • eCATT requires users to create an RFC to connect to different SAP systems and requires transports, too.

Complex transactions

  • Transaction can easily handle header-detail transactions,
  • cell-based mapping
  • grids in transactions—like sales orders and hierarchical screens
  • using a simple three-step process: record, map, and run.

Results and error handling

  • Transaction error highlighting
  • Run-on-errors
  • Step-by-step features are all advanced error-handling options accessible to all users

Data upload

  • Users can easily upload data maintained in Excel or Access into any SAP system using transaction codes instead of writing directly to database tables.
  • In eCATT, users must maintain data as variants and is more complex than Excel or Access.


  • Transaction integrates seamlessly with Excel and Access, which makes data maintenance and readability easy.
  • Additionally, using Winshuttle Direct, Winshuttle authors can integrate SAP BAPIs into the Winshuttle record, map, and run process
  • Integrating an Excel file to eCATT requires many steps and eCATT does not support integration with Access.


  • The same version of Transaction runs against all the current SAP versions. In eCATT, version details need to be maintained in every script for it to run against different SAP versions.


  • Transaction connects to any SAP system during record or runtime by making RFC calls.

Back up SAP data

  • Transaction backs up (downloads) existing SAP data before uploading the new data into SAP. eCATT has no such feature.

Excel add-in feature:

  • The Transaction Excel add-in allows users to upload their data into SAP from the Excel environment. eCATT has no such feature