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SAP HANA Admin Online Training Course Content

Introduction HANA Landscape

  •   What is HANA
  •   HANA Scenarios
  •   Rapid Deployment Solution RDS
  •   HANA Information Sources
  • SAP HANA ADMIN Basic Concepts

HANA Architecture

  •   HANA Persistence
  •   Sizing HANA
  •   HANA Scale Out

HANA Tool Overview

  •   HANA Studio
  •   DBA Cockpit
  •   HDBSQL Command Line Tool

HANA Pre& Post Installation

  •   Preparing HANA Installation
  •   Review HANA Installation
  •   Post-Installation Steps

HANA Operation

  •   Starting and Stopping HANA
  •   Configuring HANA
  •   Periodic Manual Tasks

Backup and Recovery

  •   Concept of Backup and Recovery
  •   Date Area Backup
  •   Log Area Backup
  •   Backup of Configuration Files and backup Catalog
  •   Recovery
  •   Database copy
  •   High Availability

Maintaining Users and Authorizations

  •   User Management
  •   Standard Roles
  •   Administrative Tasks
  •   Authentication methods
  •   Information Sources for Administrators and Auditing

Data Provisioning Using SLT

  •   Positioning and Key Concepts
  •   Landscape Strategy and Sizing Aspects
  •   Installation Procedure
  •   Configuration Aspects
  •   Data Replication at a Glance
  •   Monitoring of Replication
  •   Other Operation Aspects

Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  •   Monitoring with SAP HANA Studio
  •   Monitoring with DBACOCKPIT
  •   Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager
  •   Remote Support
  •   SAP Early Watch Alert

Software Life cycle Management

  •   Transporting changes
  •   Updating HANA