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SAP Mobile Secure Online Training Course Content

Introduction To Sap Afaria System Administration

Topics: Defining the Role of SAP Afaria in MDM, Identifying the Administrative Components of SAP Afaria, Outlining the Architecture of SAP Afaria

Sap Afaria 7.1 Installation

Topics: Creating the SAP Afaria Database, Installing SAP Afaria Administrator, Installing API Service, Installing the SAP Afaria Server, Installing the Enrollment Server, Installing the Package Server, Upgrading from Afaria 6.6 to 7.1

Android And Ios Device Support

Topics: Configuring SAP Afaria for IOS Device Support, Configuring SAP Afaria for Android Device Support, Setting up the Microsoft Certificate Authority Server, Setting up Apple Push Notification Service

Relay Server Installation And Configuration

Topics: Installing the Relay Server, Relay Server Farms Set up

Sap Afaria Server Configuration                       

Topics: Configuring Communication, Identifying the Functions, Configuring Component Properties, Configuring the SAP Afaria Server, Creating and Configuring Tenants, Defining Roles

Device Groups, Enrollment And Policies

Topics: Creating Device Groups, Outlining the Device Enrollment Process, Linking Device Policies to Groups, Creating Device Policies, Enrolling Devices Using Enrollment Codes, Enrolling Devices Using the Self-Service Portal, Deploying Device Configuration Policies, Setting up Device Enrollment Policies

Session Policies, Session Manager Channels, And Events

Topics: Generate Session Manager Channels, Outlining The Functions of Session Events, Policies and Channels, Adding Events, Implementing Channel Events and Sets

Advanced Session Policies

Topics: Employing Event Variables, Outlining Advanced Events, Optimizing Session Manager Channels and Worklists, Employing Scripts in Worklists

Device Application Deployment

Topics: Creating Application Policies, Deploying Applications to Android and IOS, Installing and Configuring SAP Mobile Documents for Ipad, Employing Telco Expense Management Reporting, Creating Enterprise Application Stores, Troubleshooting, Configuring Device Activity Collection, Maintenance of the System

Custom Data Views And Alerts

Topics: Defining Alerts, Creating Custom Data Views