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Shell Scripting Online Training Course Content

UNIX and Linux Basics

  • UNIX Operating System
  • UNIX evolution
  • UNIX and Linux influencers
  • flavors of UNIX
  • Why UNIX?
  • UNIX and Linux features

UNIX shell basics

  • Shell hierarchy
  • Types of Shells
  • Know about Shell
  • Login Shell
  • Why Use Shell Script?

Shell commands

  • Variables and strings
  • Math in Shell
  • Shell commands

Customizing Environment

  • How to Setup Environment?
  • Environment variables
  • The history command options
  • Shortcuts : Defining alias
  • Utility scripting
  • Scoping with export

Shell Programming

  • Program structure
  • Shell variables
  • Quotes – Strings
  • Shell Output
  • Print formatted data
  • Continuing Lines
  • Exit Status
  • Logic using test
  • Expressions

Script Controls

  • Shell script if control
  • Switching with case
  • while: Looping
  • for: Looping with a List
  • break and continue in loops
  • trap: Interrupting a program
  • Debugging Shell Scripts
  • Exercise

Shell functions

  • Function
  • Shell and sub-shell
  • Array in shell
  • File system
  • What’s in a (File) name?
  • The Parent-Child Relationship
  • The HOME Variable: The Home Directory
  • Current Directory
  • cd: Changing the Current Directory
  • mkdir: Making Directories
  • rmdir: Removing Directories
  • Absolute Pathnames
  • Relative Pathnames
  • ls: Listing Directory Contents
  • The cat options
  • Compare files
  • Compress files

The UNIX File System

  • Security
  • File permissions
  • Ownership and permissions
  • Common permission with umask
  • Groups and users
  • Switch user
  • Symlink, hard links

Regular Expressions

  • Regular Expression Overview
  • RE Character Classes
  • RE Quantifiers
  • RE Parenthesis
  • RE Examples with grep
  • Re in awk
  • RE in sed

System Resources

  • Disk size df
  • Diskspace utilization du
  • RAM space with top
  • Swap space free
  • CPU uptime


  • telnet and ftp
  • Communication check : finger
  • Remote files : scp, rcp, rsync
  • Download from command wget
  • Upload from command curl
  • Email alerts
  • Remote script : ssh
  • Password less connectivity


  • Introduction and command line syntax
  • The awk program structure
  • Operators
  • Simple patterns
  • Extended patterns
  • Special patterns (BEGIN and END)
  • Program variables: Built-in variables, User defined variables,Arrays
  • Mathematical operators
  • Displaying output with print and printf
  • Exercises: Create awk scripts to extract selected data from a file and generate reports


  • Program control structures
  • The if construct
  • The while and do … while constructs
  • The basic for construct
  • Associative array handling
  • Functions: Mathematical and string functions, The system function, The getline function, User defined functions
  • Exercises: Create an awk script using an program control structures and arrays


  • Responding to Syntax errors
  • Responding to Logical errors
  • Exercises: Using tools within a shell script