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TIBCO BW Online Training Course Content

Introducing TIBCO Business Works

  • Objectives
  • TIBCO Business Works
  • Business Works Components
  • Business Works Methodology
  • TIBCO Designer
  • TIBCO Administrator
  • What Is a TIBCO Domain?
  • Domain Security
  • Domain Monitoring
  • Management Using Administrator
  • Installation of TIBCO BW Suite

Process Design and Testing

  • TIBCO Designer
  • Projects
  • Project Templates
  • Project Resources
  • Process Design
  • Activity Configuration
  • XPath Formula Builder
  • TIBCO Query Designer
  • Process Testing
  • Project Global Variables
  • Enable tracing in the Tester
  • Loading properties files in Tester

Groups and Transactions

  • Grouping Activities
  • Group Iterations and Conditions
  • Grouping Best Practices
  • Transactions in BW
  • Implementing JDBC Transactions

Advanced Service Design

  • Mapping Using XPath
  • XSLT for Transforming Input Data
  • Extending the Mapper
  • Using Subprocesses
  • Using Null Activities
  • Inter-Process Communication
  • Using Variables
  • Global Variables
  • Shared Variables
  • Process Variables

Configuration files BW suite

  • Importance of TRA and different TRA files
  • BWEngine.tra
  • Designer.tra
  • Application tra files


  • Introduction & Architecture of JMS
  • Overview of EMS
  • Topics
  • Queues
  • Difference between Topics & Queues
  • Delivery modes and Acknowledgement modes
  • EMS Examples
  • Monitoring EMS Server using GUI tool -GEMS
  • EMS Admin Tool
  • Creation of Bridges
  • Persistence and non-persistence
  • Granting privileges etc


  • SOA Introduction
  • SOAP palette and SERVICE Resource
  • Web Services implementation in Tibco BW


  • Adapter Concepts
  • ADB Adapter
  • implementation using Alerter (Oracle AQ Functionality)
  • implementation using polling interval
  • FILE Adapter

Testing Tools For TIBCO BW

  • SOAPUI – Webservices testing
  • GEMS – EMS Message Monitoring

Tibco Administrator

  • Introduction to TIBCO Administrator
  • Domain Management
  • Add a Machine in a Domain
  • Add secondary server into a Domain
  • Add EMS server into a Domain
  • Appmanage utility
  • Creatinguser and roles
  • Creating Applications
  • Monitoring Applications
  • Deploying the Services
  • Creating & deploying ear files
  • Scripting Deployment
  • Appmanage utility
  • Buildear utility
  • Deployment XML
  • Configuring Fault Tolerance & Load Balancing
  • Enable Hawk in Administrator
  • BW Engine properties overview