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Weblogic Online Training Course Content

Weblogic concepts

  • Weblogic server administration course content
  • Java enterprise edition (jee) architecture

Installing oracle weblogic server

  • Installation options
  • Graphical user interface (gui) installation
  • Command line installation
  • Weblogic server directory structure

Domain configuration

  • Understanding weblogic domains
  • Administration servers and managed servers
  • Creating and configuring domains
  • The domain directory structure

Administration tools

  • Utilising the administration console
  • Using wlst to navigate the domain structure

Managed servers

  • Configuring managed servers
  • Starting and stopping managed servers or domains
  • Configuring managed servers remotely
  • Explaining administration and managed server independence (msi)

Backup and recovery

  • Backup and recovery strategy
  • Full offline backup and recovery
  • Online and offline domain backup
  • Offline domain recovery
  • Instance home backup and recovery

Deploying web applictions

  • Auto deployment
  • Manual deployment
  • Deployment using administration console
  • Deployment using command line
  • Wlst web application deployment
  • Application testing

Jdbc and data sources

  • Understanding jdbc and data sources
  • Configuring jdbc and data sources
  • Using connection pools
  • Deploying jdbc resources
  • Monitoring and testing

Utilising node managers

  • Node manager architecture
  • Node manager directory structure
  • Understanding machines
  • Utilising node managers
  • Start and stop procedures


  • Log monitoring
  • Administration console log management
  • Integrating application logging
  • Log filtering
  • Log filter expressions

Clustering basics

  • Clustering benefits
  • Basic and multitier cluster architecture
  • Communication between clustered server instances

Cluster configuration

  • Preparing for, create and configure a cluster
  • Extending a cluster
  • Controlling clustered servers
  • Deploying applications to a cluster

Security architecture

  • Weblogic server security architecture
  • Security realms
  • Users and groups

Securing the web interface

  • Keys and digital certificates with the keytool
  • Configuring ssl for weblogic server
  • Steps to prevent web-based

Java message
(jms) setup

  • Describe and configure jms
  • Connection factories, queues and topics
  • Using persistent messages
  • Jms monitoring